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Dr. Cynthia Kudji-Sylvester (#MamaKudji)

I am a Family Medicine Resident, a wife, and a mother. I was born in Ghana and raised mostly in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am what most people would call a non-traditional medical student. Though my journey to becoming a physician was extremely unconventional, it was always my dream to be a doctor. After the birth of my daughter I began my career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). I then became a Registered Nurse (RN). After years of working as a nurse I pursued my masters in nursing to become a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). After working as a nurse practitioner for over a decade, I decided at the age of 43 to pursue my medical degree. I attended The University of Medicine and Health Sciences in St.Kitts in the Caribbean. This was an extremely trying yet fulfilling time in my life especially since I was able to face the obstacles of medical school with my daughter, Jasmine by my side. In my free time I enjoy going to brunch / dinners with my family, reading, and exercising.

Dr. Jasmine Kudji

I am a General Surgery Resident in Louisiana. I was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana where I attended Isidore Newman High School. I then received my Bachelors Degree from LSU in English with a focus in Writing, Culture, and Rhetoric. During my time at LSU I was apart of many honors societies, and I was apart of the Distinguished Communicator program. After completing college, I began my medical school career at LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans. There I was the president of many groups such as the General Surgery Interest group and the Plastic Surgery Interest Group. I was also a member of the Rural Scholars program in which I vowed to practice in a rural area of Louisiana after residency. I had been interested in Surgery since the beginning of medical school, and I am so happy that I was able to achieve my dreams of matching into a General Surgery Residency Program. Medical school proved to be one of the most challenging journeys of my life. However, being able to go through this journey with my mom has been unbelievable. In my free time I enjoy painting, reading, yoga, exercising, watching anything on Bravo/Netflix/Hulu, and I love a good girls night out.

We hope that this blog serves as a resource for all medical students and residents, including non-traditional students, International Medical Students, as well U.S. Medical students. Together we have fully experienced all aspects of medicine, and we hope to share our experiences so that we can inspire others to pursue their dreams. We would love for you to send us any questions you may have that this blog does not answer for you. We look forward to connecting with anyone who enjoys following our stories. We’d love to hear from you and network! Follow us on instagram @doctor.504 and @Dr.Kudji.Sylvester.

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